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How to play?

It's time to choose your job! Or the job choose you?
Donely Gameplay Flow 2
Available now are the Farmer and the Rancher. By choosing either job, you can start playing!
  • Farmer: With this job, you can grow grains, vegetables, fruits on the fields such as wheat, rye, rice, corn, tomato, carrot, ... with a actively pace but cost less energy.
  • Rancher: With this job, you can raise livestocks, poultries, insects in the cages such as chicken, cow, alpaca, honeybee, donkey, vicuna, ... with a leisurely pace but cost more energy.
Wait and collect those goods to make products at the stations for order delivery around the village, thus receiving rewards such as XP, PUG (Pup Gold).
  • XP help you level up and unlock more features, fields, cages, stations, crops, animals.
  • PUG used to upgrade owned NFT.
Then be noticed, if the fields, cages or stations are NFT, rewards also include DOD (Dog Diamond as sub token with a fixed price of $0.01), which can be used to
  • Convert to DOB (Donely Biscuit as main token) to claim real world money (USD) or to promote owned NFT, creating a new NFT which help earn DOD easier.
  • Upgrade owned NFT, along with PUG to unlock more effects, which help earn DOD faster.